A French Market

Written & Photographed by Léa Jones

These photos were taken at my local market in the town of Yssingeaux. Yssingeaux is in Auvergne, which is right in the center of France. I love the hills, pine trees and stone houses of this area. Of course, being French, one my favorite activities is going to the market. My mom used to take us every week, and we would buy everything from the market: fruit, veggies, cheese, bread and even clothes and shoes. Going to the market is not time efficient, but it is part of the slower pace of life that we enjoy when we spend our summers in France.

I love that I get to meet the local farmers. I noticed this year that there were a lot more young farmers selling organic products like honey and bread. There is always the “Poissonnier” who sells fish, and the ‘Fromager” with a nice selection of delicious (and smelly) cheeses, which I am happy to sample, and then you have local crafts like pottery. This time there were also selling ducks and rabbits and chickens. After 3 hours of strolling, tasting, and buying lovely fresh food, I am delighted to head home with my arms full of peaches, lettuce and courgettes.

If you ever travel to France, always look up the local market, however small the village you are in, chances are there will be a market with the essentials to take you through a week of French living.

French Markets by Lea Jones_0001

French Markets by Lea Jones_0002 French Markets by Lea Jones_0003 French Markets by Lea Jones_0004 French Markets by Lea Jones_0005 French Markets by Lea Jones_0006 French Markets by Lea Jones_0007 French Markets by Lea Jones_0008 French Markets by Lea Jones_0009 French Markets by Lea Jones_0010 French Markets by Lea Jones_0011 French Markets by Lea Jones_0012   French Markets by Lea Jones_0014 French Markets by Lea Jones_0015 French Markets by Lea Jones_0016

Film | Portra 400 & Ektar 100
Camera | 35mm Pentax (MZ-X) and Pentax 645n
Lab | the FIND lab.
About Léa
My name is Léa.  I am French, and my British husband and our three kids moved to Massachusetts three years ago.  I love to travel and see new places.  I have really enjoyed seeing the US through my french eyes and going back to Europe every summer has been exhilarating.  I love re-visiting places I have known for years and my camera has taught me to see beauty in the most simple things: whether it’s an old house in the North of New-Hampshire, little boats on the Welsh coast or fruit in the market in the South of France.

Website: www.leajones.net
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Instagram: @theredmop

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