A Three Day Jaunt in London

Photography & Words: Sophie Epton

Travel is one of the most beautiful experiences of being alive, and I feel blessed every time I land in a new place.  My husband, Jordan, and I are lucky enough to travel quite a bit through our wedding photography business and we always try to extend our trips for a few days beyond work so we can explore the region and everything it has to offer.
On a European trip in May of 2015, we had a shoot in Paris, but decided to stay in London for three days as well.  Neither Jordan nor I had ever traveled to England, so it was such an incredible time getting to experience the city for the first time together.  We both went in without any expectations of what we would find in London, and were completely blown away by the culture, architecture and friendliness of everyone there.
Although it’s fun to be in the epicenter of any metropolis, we actually prefer to find the quieter, more local flavor of cities that we travel to.  In London, we had the most amazing time exploring the Chelsea/ Kensington Boroughs.  Walking around the old cobblestone streets with brick buildings covered in vines and dotted with the most quaint little shops, I felt transported to another time.  Around every corner I went, I would literally get goosebumps at the sight of all the whimsical details and beauty of the architecture, food displays, doorways, gardens, even the little antique cars that would go buzzing by.  To feel so foreign and yet so at home, there was such a sweet spot for London created in my heart that I still can’t put into words.
And for anyone telling you that the food in London isn’t good, they haven’t been there for a long time! We had the MOST unbelievable fare and drinks right in the Chelsea area..whether it was shrimp burgers and dulce de leche bread pudding at Bumpkin, jewel-toned salad confectionaries at The Five Fields or a mouth-watering four course meal at Medlar right on King’s road; good thing I was walking around the whole time or I may have not fit into my pants anymore!

I absolutely loved traveling through the quaint and peaceful streets in the Chelsea/ Kensington area, especially capturing so many moments with my film camera.  All the little details were so much fun to shoot, and now provide a small but exquisite reminder of our time there that we can always remember.

London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0014 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0013 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0012 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0011 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0010 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0009 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0008 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0007 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0006 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0005   London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0003 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0002 London by Sophie Epton for Feather & Film_0001

Camera | Contax 645
Film | Fuji 400H
Lab | Richard Photo Lab

 About Sophie
Sophie is a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Austin, TX. Together with her husband, Jordan (they are a husband and wife team and absolutely love working side by side!) they travel the world to photograph life’s most meaningful moments.  Sophie is a wanderlust addict, always looking forward to a new place to travel. Constantly chasing the best light, new cities and the perfect dessert!
Instagram: @thesophiepton

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