Argentina | Buenos Aires

Written and Photographed by Cyntia Apps


I visited Argentina (Buenos Aires, Colonia de Uruguay, Iguazu Falls & Mendoza) last June 2015. I spent a total of 12 days in the northern part of that country. My husband and I drank 13 bottles of wine in 12 days!!!  Their Malbec was readily available in all restaurants for an average of $12 a bottle. Their food was outstanding. Their “asados” and “parrilladas” were out of this world. I also had lots of empanadas. They have a huge Italian influence, so pasta is very common in all restaurants. 


I stayed in the neighborhood of Recoleta. I highly recommend staying in that area, because it is close to most sights, and we were literally 2 blocks from the Recoleta Cemetery. The tombs in this cemetery are one more beautiful than the other, and they each have a immense historic value. Walking in that cemetery, was like opening a history book. 

A tour of Teatro Colon (in the pictures as well) is also a must. I liked it even more than their Tango Shows, and mind you, I loved their Tango Shows.
Something quite unique, I think I was able to document was their constant protests. They country was going through elections; so it was quite interested to had captured images of the unrest of the people during that time in their country’s life. 

I LOVED this city, I LOVED this country, I would definitely go back. 

 Camera | Canon EOS3
Film | Kodak Ektar, Kodak BW400CN, Kodak Porta, Kodak 400TX BW
About Cyntia
I am a Family Photographer based out of Silicon Valley, and serve the San Francisco Bay Area. I consider myself a hybrid shooter. All my personal work: my kids, my travels are shot in film.  I love to travel, and have been to every continent except for Australia & Antartica. I am from Panama, married to a Canadian, so love and family keep me going back to these two countries on a regular basis. 

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