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F&F: It is the people you meet, from your travels, that really stay with you. The stories they tell you and the stories you tell others about them.
This story by Shandi is really touching! Sometimes you can get a bit cynical when you travel. I find we hear so many tales of mishap or danger and we read up on ‘how to stay safe when travelling’ (a good thing to do, for sure!) that we forget that people are, generally, good! We love a tale with a happy ending.

Photography & Words | Shandi Wallace Photography

“I was in Lyford Cay, near Nassau, for a wedding. When my trip was over, I ended up going to the Nassau airport nine hours early because I mis-read my itinerary. The airline wouldn’t let me check in. So I decided to go back into the town and explore for the day alone, with all my luggage. I grabbed a cab, and I started talking to the driver on the ride from the airport back to the downtown district of Nassau.”
“The cab driver’s name was Falcon. First of all, how cool is that? We had so much in common – from music, to food. He told me about his family and which restaurants on the island had the best Conch fritters. He was a cab driver by day-job, but a musician at heart. He was so interesting and wonderful to talk to.”
“When he dropped me off downtown in front of the straw market, he offered to hold all my luggage while I explored the city so I wouldn’t have to carry bags around. I said “Sure! Meet me back here in a couple hours?” It was only until after I walked away, I realized what I’d actually done. I’d left all my luggage with a cab driver – in another country!”
“I walked around with my Leica and shot some film, grabbed lunch, bought everybody souvenirs, and walked back to the spot where I was supposed to be picked up (hopefully). And there was Falcon, waiting, sitting in his cab playing his guitar. I could’ve cried. I was so ashamed of myself for feeling so jaded, but also so incredibly grateful that there are such wonderful people in the world.”

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“In Nassau, I’d recommend the Conch fritters at Arawak Cay restaurant. It’s where the locals eat, and it’s always really busy. It was my very first time eating Conch, and I was so nervous, but it was delicious! And I’m not a seafood eater at all. The Little Mermaid was always my favorite movie – so I’ve never eaten it!”
“Conch is the staple local food of the Bahamas, and the shells are a huge selling souvenir piece for tourists. During my stay, I also learned of a place called Harbour Island that has PINK SAND from the Conch shells. I didn’t make it over there this trip, but definitely will next time. It has to be amazing to see!”
“The biggest recommendation I can make is to talk to the local folks. There’s none better than a native to give you the best information for an amazing time, whether it be for food, music, or the best spots to snorkel.”

Camera | Leica M2
Film Stock | Fuji Superia 400

About Shandi
“A little about me: I’m based in Washington DC, but moving to South Carolina next week! I’m a mom of two, I love German Shepherds, I ride & restore vintage mopeds, and I think I could beat Bobby Flay in any throw down of his choosing! But seriously, I love to cook! I have a sense of humor on hyper drive or something. I laugh at everything. It’s probably a curse because sometimes it happens when I’m really sad or scared and I can’t help it.”

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