Family Camping in Wisconsin

F&F: We recently received such a beautiful set of images from a photographer – taken during her family camping trip. We absolutely love it because it embodies what a family get-a-way should be! Family, pets, fun, stress free and – (of course) – a board game!

It really is something.

We adore the images and their simplicity and love the fact they all take time to get away and unplug from the internet and their usual, busy lives – and just be together.

Everyone should go camping right now!

Photography & Words | Gretchen Willis

“Last year we went to the North Woods of Wisconsin (Gordon, WI – on private camp site directly on the St. Croix River – which is about an hour from the Minnesota border). We spent a week on a spot of  property on the St. Croix river. We canoed, fished, hiked, and had a wonderfully unplugged, relaxing time.”

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0016

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0002

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis Photography - Family Camping

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0017 copy

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0020

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0022

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0007

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0001

Wisconsin Family Camping

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0009

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0025

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0002

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0003

  Camera |Canon AE-1 Program
Lab | TheDarkroom & FIND Lab

Film Stock | Ektar 100, Fuji Provia 100, Delta 100, Kodak Max  800, Ilford PanF50, Tmax 100

About Gretchen

“I’m a mom of five and wife to one. I live in south central Wisconsin and we love doing things outdoors with our family, like
visiting the state parks. I began shooting film about 3 years ago and  the AE-1 Program was my first film camera. It holds a very special place  in my heart, as I learned film on that camera. I have a small business shooting families, seniors, and events, as well as volunteering with 3 non-profits.”

Website |
Facebook |
Instagram | @gretchenwillis

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