Yosemite, friends & a 35mm

Words & Photography by Emanuel Hahn

Recently I was in San Francisco for a wedding and on a whim, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone would be interested in doing a quick trip to Yosemite. Two of my friends (David and Melody) were down and we quickly worked out the logistics.

Yosemite was one of those places I had heard about but couldn’t quite envision in my head. The first thing that struck me was the name Yosemite, which literally means “those who kill”. I knew that Yosemite had a special, almost spiritual, place in the hearts of Californians, and wanted to find out why for myself.

The trip was eventful – On the first night, David and I were driving down from Glacier Point towards the Valley when it started to snow, in June! We prayed that we would clear the snow before it got too heavy but alas we saw the snow slowly starting to pile up on the road. The snow got heavier and our visibility was reduced to barely 10 feet ahead of us. We saw cars ahead of us skidding off the road and we just hoped that we would not be like them. However, it was not meant to be: our car started skidding of the road and soon our back wheels were stuck off the road and we couldn’t get back on. We were blocking about 15 cars behind us and soon a ranger came over to tell us to stay put and that snowplows and a towtruck (for us) would be on their way.

After 6 hours, the snowplows finally arrived and cleared the roads. The tow truck arrived soon after and brought us to down to the garage in the Valley. We then drove another 3 hours back to our Airbnb, which we discovered was in the middle of an off-the-map dirt road. We arrived at 6am and immediately passed out.

The next day, our friend Melody drove down from San Francisco and joined us at Yosemite. The weather proved to be much friendlier (in the high 70s F) and the rest of the trip was much more enjoyable. The highlight of the trip was sunset at Glacier Point, which provides an incredible view of Half Dome and the rest of the Valley. The way the light at sunset hits the peaks provides for very interesting photos.

The overall experience of being there was sublime. When I witnessed the grandeur of El Capitan and Half Dome, I was speechless. I felt tiny and powerless in comparison to the vastness and scale of sheer rock I was standing in front of, even if it was from a viewing deck. I understood why Yosemite was so special even though there had been other more visually pleasing national parks I had been to. There’s something about the enduring solidity of the mountains that reminds us of our own fragility and transient lives.

Film | Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Ektar 100
Camera | Canon A-1
Lab | The Color House

About Emanuel
Emanuel Hahn is a commercial and editorial photographer specializing in portraiture based in Brooklyn, NY. As a third-culture kid that grew up in Korea, Singapore and Cambodia, Emanuel is fascinated by the stories rich in cultural experiences and travel.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hahnbo

Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film

New England, USA | Ilford Camera Project

Written & Photographed by Kathleen Frank

I live in the northeast corner of the US, which is filled with small towns, a lot of history, and some beautiful mountain and coastal landscapes. We have a harsh winter, so when spring and summer roll around, everyone rushes outside to make the most of it. The farms and greenhouses come to life, and you’ll catch most people sneaking out of work early to go hiking or kayaking. I was so thrilled to try to capture the charm of New England with this little disposable camera. It was the perfect companion for some spring adventures.

This camera seriously took me right back to being a kid! We used to shoot these disposables all the time and rush to the grocery store to get them developed. It was so freeing to go back to such a simple type of shooting. Just aim and click! So easy!

I was also surprised with just how well the Ilford disposable did in different lighting conditions. It definitely favored a lot of light and loves full sun for a good contrasty image, but handled other situations really well, too. Some of my favorite images were from bright days with good cloud cover. It gave the images beautiful midtones and a bit more of that old black and white film feel, which I absolutely love! The camera even had some great results with sun flare. Having just a hint of flare gave the images a wonderful bit of sparkle, but I have a feeling that this could easily be overdone and wash out the images.

All in all, shooting and traveling with this camera was such a wonderful experiment, and I’m so excited to pick up a few more of these. Will definitely be adding them to my film shooting arsenal!

Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0001 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0002 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0003 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0004 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0005 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0014 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0007 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0006 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0008 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0015 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0009 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0010 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0011 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0012 Ilford Disposable Film Camera Kathleen Frank Feather & Film_0013

About Kathleen:
I am a fine art film and digital photographer in New England. Along with fine art photography, I also love to photograph my travels and adventures, especially on film. You can usually find me running around the woods in New Hampshire with a bunch of film cameras around my neck or camping with my husband and little Jack Russell pup.

Website: www.kathleenfrankphotography.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kathleenfrankphotography
Instagram: @Kathleenfrank


Thanks to Ilford Photo & Carmencita Film Lab for supplying the cameras and film scanning/developing services as well as their support for this project.

Texas Hill Country

Words & Photography: Speaking Through Silence


During my stay in Austin, Texas, I did a one day road trip in the Texas Hill Country and brought along my beloved Pentax 645N to document the journey. The scenic 360km trip took me from Austin to the picturesque town of Fredericksburg and then South on the route to Kerrville where I went a little off track yet was happy to do so, as it meant coming across a herd of bisons. The weather took a rainy turn so my trip got cut a little short, but I really enjoyed cruising the Hill Country. If you’re ever in the heart of Texas, it’s a day trip not to be missed!

Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0018 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0011 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0010 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0007

Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0001 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0015 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0002 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0003 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0016 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0004 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0005    Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0008 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0009     Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0013 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0019 Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0014       Texas Hill County Film Photography by Dieter Decuypere_0020

Camera | Pentax 645N
Film | Kodak Portra 400
Lab | Carmencita Film Lab

About Dieter:
Hi there. I’m Dieter. I live in the green suburbs of Brussels, Belgium, and am married to my awesome wife, Marta. I am passionate about documenting life with my camera and telling a story through a photograph. I love to travel, explore and experience. Few things I love more than discovering new cultures, music, good coffee and happy clients.
 A few years ago I really fell in love with film photography and have increasingly started using it for both personal and professional work. I like to think that the pictures I take are heartfelt and candid; fine-art but with a photo-journalistic touch. I love to find a fresh perspective and how a photograph can speak more than words.


West Coast USA | Ilford Camera Project

In case you don’t know, we have started a Feather & Film Project where we share our love of both film and travel with you all!

In this year long project we have teamed up with Ilford who have been kind enough to share their awesome Disposable film cameras with us (and you!) and the incredible Carmencita Film Lab who will be developing and scanning all the lovely rolls of film.

This project is for anyone! From the ‘never shot film before’ people, all the way to the ‘love it, swear by it and wouldn’t ever return to digital photography’ people! It’s so easy to forget how fun it is to shoot a disposable camera. They come out with interesting, unexpected and amazing results!

Our first camera travelled to the West Coast USA for a road trip with two non film shooters Joe & Lily, check it out, there’s some really great shots here. Our favourite being the city view shot, let us know what you think and if you’d also like to take part!

Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0010 Ilford Disposable Camera - West Coast USA Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0002 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0017 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0019 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0012 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0007 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0004 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0005 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0006   Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0003 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0008 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0009   Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0020 Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0011    Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0014     Joe & Lily - Ilford Project_0018

Joe & Lily. Their trip & their thoughts on shooting with film!

We started our trip staying at the Venice Beach Hostel on Washington Boulevard, next to Abbott Kinney Blvd – a hip street of independent cafes, clothes shops, flea markets (the list goes on!) We explored the Venice Canals, Venice Beach, Santa Monica. There is so much to take in – the street art, buskers, eccentric locals, skate boarders and street performers.

We rented a car, and our drive out of LA leads out through an expansive hill range which suddenly flattens out. Up on Highway 99 we drove up through Fresno and across towards Yosemite. Here we stayed at Yosemite Bug – a great hostel and we highly recommend this place if you’re visiting Yosemite! It is about a 40 minute drive from the park, but has a great atmosphere and amazing food! BYOB if you pay $5!

It is much drier at this time of year and there was no water at Yosemite Falls. We did a great two day hike here.

We drove on to San Fran on Highway 120. A journey full of amazing agriculture, orange groves, grape vines and roadside fruit stalls. Here we stayed at the Amsterdam Hotel (a cheap hostel with a great location!) This city is a pretty interesting place to drive around due to hills and the one way system – but expensive for overnight parking in the centre! This is an amazingly diverse city and very manageable. We ate at Sparrow Bar on Height Street which has amazing food and beer cocktails! Brunch is apparently a big deal over there!

Alcatraz is well worth a visit, but we foolishly didn’t book prior and it does sell out weeks in advance! Turn up early in the morning (6 – 7am), as they hold some tickets back for the first tour of the day for people who make the queue! Totally worth it.

We experienced so much here, including walking the hilly streets of San Fran, riding on the cable cars, Fisherman’s wharf, Johnny Rockets, Broadway and China Town. Clam chowder bread bowl is everywhere and surprisingly delicious!

We haven’t used a disposable for a number of years, but we really enjoyed shooting on film and getting a good variety to tell a story. The camera worked exceptionally well in good light, which there was plenty of it during the day as they were experiencing a prolonged summer/heat wave. I think exposure is definitely something to consider when it’s darker, (the Jonny rockets shot was salvaged by cool neons but I was hoping the interior would have exposed.)

So, unless you’re shooting something in bright light or close up with flash, then the results may not turn out as expected! 


Follow Joe on instagram: @j.newmarch and Lily: @lilyelise12


Thanks to Ilford Photo & Carmencita Film Lab for supplying the cameras and film scanning/developing services as well as their support for this project.


The Mountains of Jackson Hole

Photography & Words: Ashlee Mintz Photography


If you are looking for a nostalgic adventure that will leave you wanting more then head into the heart of the American West to Jackson Hole Wyoming.


Jackson Hole is between the Teton Mountain Range and the Snake River, located along the border of Wyoming and Idaho. My favorite site to be seen was nestled in the mountains of the beautiful Jackson Hole and was the most perfect rustic barn. The Moulton Barn with the Teton mountains in the background is one of Jackson Holes greatest treasures.


Jackson Hole in the summertime is truly one of the most gorgeous places you could possibly dream up, and from jaw-dropping views of the Grand Teton mountains to the forests with trees and wildlife, it truly does not get any better than this. Jackson Hole offers amazing sights and outdoor fun year-round, so the best time to visit Jackson Hole depends on your preferred adventure. But the summer months are peak tourist season for hiking, mountain biking, fly-fishing, and horseback riding.


It is the kind of place where you can wear your cowboy boots to even the fanciest restaurant, what could be better than that! This hidden treasure is truly a spectacular adventure waiting to be discovered. Just remember if you go exploring not to forget your bear spray!

Film | Fuji400h & Porta400
Camera | Mamiya645 Pro TL
Lab | TheFindLab

About Ashlee:
I am a natural light wedding and portrait photographer who lives to tell your story. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and for me to be in your world on that day is an honor. My images combine romance, whimsy, and warmth while capturing genuine human emotion. It is with these raw, unrehearsed emotions that I bring you back to that exact moment in time for years to come. Your wedding is special and I want the moments I capture to be treasured by you as much as they are treasured by me.


Family Travel in Pensacola, Florida

Photography & Words: Melissa Jeras Photography

We spent a week in Pensacola, Florida, my mother’s hometown, where we met up with over 20 family members for a little family reunion.

We stayed in a perfect little beach home on the side of the island facing the Sound.  We were visited by plenty of dolphins on a daily basis and the kids spent hours playing in the sand and on the dock right outside our doors.  A quick walk across the street took us to the Gulf side of the island where we spent many lazy mornings playing in the waves, soaking in the sun, and making sand castles from the white soft sand that Pensacola is known for.
One fascinating place to check out while in Pensacola, is Fort Pickens, a historic US military fort completed in 1834 which defended Pensacola Bay.  It is known for being only one of four forts in the South that was never occupied by Confederate Forces during the Civil War.  Taking a stroll around the fort, it is intriguing to see the old weapons and read about the defense strategies used, all while taking in the vast solid and beautiful architecture that surrounds you.  It is also important to note that if you visit Fort Pickens at the right time you can see The Blue Angels (the US Navy’s world famous flight demonstration squadron) practicing, which is truly a must see.
For food, we spent most nights cooking up our own seafood delicacies, but one evening we did check out a popular restaurant on the island called Peg Leg Pete’s.  It had an upbeat and casual atmosphere including live music.  The menu was true to what the cuisine in the South is known for.  Right outside the restaurant is a marina where we watched the fishing boats come in and slice up their catch.  The kids enjoyed the challenge of trying to catch crabs with the nets provided on the dock.
As tradition for our family, the trip was not complete without a boat trip.  This time we went out on a dolphin touring boat, where we successfully spotted many dolphins and even watched mom dolphins swimming along with their calves. On the way back to the airport we took a cruise through my mom’s childhood neighborhood and spent a few hours at my Aunt and Uncle’s house where the kids tested their driving skills on the homemade go-cart.  

This trip was full of unforgettable memories for our family and we hope to make the trip again sooner than later.  

Pesdacola Florida - Photography by Melissa Jeras Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0002 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0008 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0016 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0006 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0005 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0004 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0015 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0014 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0012 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0011 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0003 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0017 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0010 Pensacola Florida by Melissa Jeras_0009

Camera | Nikon F100 & Fuji Underwater Disposable Camera
Lab | The FIND Lab
Film |  Fuji 400h and Portra 160

About Melissa:
I’m a child and family photographer in Gilbert, Arizona.  When I’m not photographing other people’s children, I’m chasing around my own 5 and 3 year olds.
Instagram:  @melissajeras
Family Exploring in the Rockies, Canada. View of the woodland.

Family Exploring | The Rocky Mountains

Photography & Words: Louann Walker from Pearl Walker Photography

 I can still feel that mountain air settling, that cool, breeze blowing across the pristine blue glacier fed lakes of our surroundings. When Chase and I were considering a family trip with our then 5 month old son Carson, we wanted to go somewhere magical. We had traveled so much together before, even meeting while studying abroad in Greece, but this trip, this one was our first with our baby. When a few fellow film shooter friends put together a Rocky Mountain adventure, our decision was made clear. What’s better than the mountains and the company of fellow artists?! We flew into Edmonton, CA, road tripped out to the mountains, and explored Yoho and Banff National Parks before making the scenic drive on Icefields Parkway to meet our friends a few days in Jasper National Park.

 The beauty of the Canadian Rockies is absolutely unmatched. When we arrived to Yoho, we wanted to stop and see everything, to touch every rock, to see every river, blue body of water, creek, and wildlife there was. We wanted and did breathe it all in. Among my favorite locations of our trip was Emerald Lake in Yoho, Morraine Lake in Banff, and Maligne Lake in Jasper. We were quite adventurous with a baby in tow, hiking up to the top of a mountain to see Lake Agnes and have tea at the oldest tea house in Canada and taking a gondola to the top of Whistler’s Mountain, followed by a hike to the peak to touch a glacier. My sweet husband Chase took the photo of me nursing at the top of the mountain.  I’ll treasure it forever. These adventures with my husband and our sweet boy are forever etched into the soft, wild rhythm of my dreamer heart. We can’t wait for all that is to come, for our next trips planned for the future, to expand our family and continue culturing ourselves with all our babies. We will relive these moments in the Rockies time and time again through these photographs. There is so much love, growth, young parenthood, and softness captured within their frames.

Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0001 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0002 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0003 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0004 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0005 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0006 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0007    Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0010 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0011 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0012 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0013 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0014 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0009 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0015 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0016 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0017 Canada Banff Jasper family holiday Feather & Film Pearl Walker Photography_0018

Camera |  Canon EOS3
Lab | The FIND Lab
Film | Portra 400, Fuji 400H, Kodak Gold 200

About Louann
I am a film and digital photographer, currently settled in the gorgeous, coastal town of Half Moon Bay, CA. I am primarily a wedding photographer but absolutely find such peace in photographing the day to day for families, couples, our travels and my own life with family and friends we hold dear.

I love being a wife to my handsome Chase, a mother to my now 8 month old son Carson, and seeing beauty in this world everywhere I look! I love dipping my toes in the cold, Pacific Ocean over our frequent trips to our favorite beaches near our home. The love and light I always try to capture in my photographs keeps pulling me in closer. My love for film and for art in all its forms will forever swell my heart and leave me seeking more joy in this life.

Website | www.pearlwalker.com
Instagram | @pearlwalkerphotography

An Adventure in Kauai

Photography & Words: Ashley Vaughn from The White Rabbit Studios

Everyone should experience Kauai. While I’m sure every island of Hawaii is stunning, Kauai is absolutely magical!

We woke up every morning with the sun rise and started the day breathing the fresh air in our ‘Thai Garden House’. There were fruit trees surrounding us and an organic garden right outside our doorway. We found Anthony & Hami’s place on Airbnb. The pictures and descriptions don’t do the property or hosts justice. Not only did they ensure our stay was comfortable, but they invited us to a potluck at their place (complete with a ukulele and guitar player and hula dancing)! Another huge bonus, we were only a ten minute walk from one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen – Moloaa Bay! 

We spent time exploring beach towns, hiking in jungles, canoeing a river (which turned into a crazy survival “adventure” – story for another day y’all), swimming in waterfall pools, snorkeling with fish (and eels – eep!), feeding chickens (and cats – they are EVERYWHERE! Yay!), sightseeing canyons, traversing coastlines, eating delicious meals and exotic fruits, and soaking in every single inch of scenery!

I brought along an entire backpack of film (35 and 120mm) and a few of my favorite travel cameras. Thank goodness they still make waterproof disposable cameras (they came in handy during our snorkeling and river days). It was wonderful to re-live every moment when my film scans were sent to me!

Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0001 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0002 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0003 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0004 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0005 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0007   Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0006   Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0008 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0009 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0010 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0011 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0012 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0013 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0014 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0015

Camera | Fuji GA 645 & Olympus XA2
Lab | Richard Photo Lab
Film Stock | Kodak Portra 400

About Ashley
My name is Ashley Vaughn and I am a film photographer from North Alabama. Inspired by light and love, I live to capture moments of pure bliss and excited emotions. I enjoy the process of shooting with film and the artistic creativity the emulsions posses.
Influenced by the vision of Wonderland that the beloved Alice introduced my brain at a young age, I’ve been in a constant state of self-fulfilled imagination. The camera allows me to share my own vision with the world, and it’s an honor when one wants me to illustrate their story. My father instilled the knowledge of using a film camera and told me the very simple instructions to “shoot what you love”. It’s become my photography mantra and a way to connect with the world and people around me.
My husband and I also own a record store (we love everything analog and vintage) and we are restoring a 100+ year old house: complete with heart of pine floors, soaring ceilings, huge windows, a claw foot bathtub, a lush veggie garden, and four spoiled cats. I love capturing the big adventures we have together as well as the everyday blinks. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities to nurture my creativity!

Website | www.thewhiterabbitstudios.com
Facebook |www.facebook.com/WhiteRabbitStudiosLLC
Instagram | @whiterabbitstudios
Twitter | @wrstudios

Family Camping in Wisconsin

F&F: We recently received such a beautiful set of images from a photographer – taken during her family camping trip. We absolutely love it because it embodies what a family get-a-way should be! Family, pets, fun, stress free and – (of course) – a board game!

It really is something.

We adore the images and their simplicity and love the fact they all take time to get away and unplug from the internet and their usual, busy lives – and just be together.

Everyone should go camping right now!

Photography & Words | Gretchen Willis

“Last year we went to the North Woods of Wisconsin (Gordon, WI – on private camp site directly on the St. Croix River – which is about an hour from the Minnesota border). We spent a week on a spot of  property on the St. Croix river. We canoed, fished, hiked, and had a wonderfully unplugged, relaxing time.”

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0016

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0002

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis Photography - Family Camping

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0017 copy

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0020

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0022

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0007

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0001

Wisconsin Family Camping

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0009

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0025

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0002

Wisconsin Gretchen Willis_0003

  Camera |Canon AE-1 Program
Lab | TheDarkroom & FIND Lab

Film Stock | Ektar 100, Fuji Provia 100, Delta 100, Kodak Max  800, Ilford PanF50, Tmax 100

About Gretchen

“I’m a mom of five and wife to one. I live in south central Wisconsin and we love doing things outdoors with our family, like
visiting the state parks. I began shooting film about 3 years ago and  the AE-1 Program was my first film camera. It holds a very special place  in my heart, as I learned film on that camera. I have a small business shooting families, seniors, and events, as well as volunteering with 3 non-profits.”

Website | www.gretchenwillis.com
Facebook | www.facebook.com/Gretchen.Willis.Photography
Instagram | @gretchenwillis