Cortona & Lucignano

Photography & Words: Rosanne van Cruyningen (Rosie Reports)
Cortona is a ten minutes’ drive from our B&B. The Etruscan town is located on the hill that overlooks the Valdichiana Valley. Cortona has a lot to offer as it is a cultural and artistic centre. Many festivals are held here, centered around dance, art, photography and more. There are plenty of shops, bars and restaurants (both trendy & modern and more traditional). Cortona has a lot of churches and in the centre of town is the Museo dell’Academia Etruscan about the Etruscan history of the town. Cortona’s old town wall is still intact. The town became famous due to its use as a location in the American film ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. It is a popular wedding destination amongst foreigners.

Lucignano is a beautifully preserved small medieval town in an elliptical shape, with a lovely legend about a ‘love tree’ which promises happiness to married couples (which is why many Italians choose to get married here!). It is a gothic masterpiece which took 120 years to complete and can be found in the municipal museum. In 2010 the film “Certified Copy” with Juliette Binoche was filmed here.

Film | Kodak Portra 400 & Fuji Pro 400H
Lab | UK Film Lab
Camera |Mamiya M645


About Rosanne
Rosie Reports. I am a 31-year-old Dutch photographer/journalist but divide my time between Holland and Italy (Tuscany) where I run B&B Casa Capanni (which is also a wedding venue) with my family and friends (who also divide their time between the two places). In Holland (Amersfoort) we also run a concept store, called ‘Capanni Lifestyle’, with products inspired by and used in the B&B, such as furniture and bed linen, but also accessories (both fashion and home decor) and clothing by designers such as Magnolia Pearl and Les Ours. We live a bohemian life in Casa Capanni and everything in the store reflects that. We love authentic, handmade, honest products. We also do interior decorating projects. The B&B is a beautiful holiday destination but also like a showroom in which you can spend the night; it was decorated by Capanni lifestyle’s interior designer (who is my mother).

I do the photography, PR, and website design amongst other things for Capanni (and of course I work in the B&B, which includes making beds!). So I also have my own company, which combines photography and journalism (I write for a Dutch magazine). Last year I discovered film photography and have been hooked from the moment I pressed the shutter of my ‘new’ Mamiya M645 1000S. I love the sharp f1.9 80mm lens that came with it. Nowadays, I also own a Mamiya 645 AF. I shoot both digital and analog, but I must admit that I think nothing can compete with film photography, especially when it comes to medium format cameras. I am what they call a ‘natural light photographer’ and nothing captures the light quite like film. I consider myself very lucky to live in Tuscany as a photographer/writer as there is no lack of inspiration here.

Instagram: @rosiereports

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