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F&F: Being based in the UK, it is always interesting to see a selection of images come through from a holiday to the UK. I find we rarely think of a ‘staycation’ here – however it is about time that changed!

This series from Elisa Leochel shows the English countryside and seaside as they are – quaint, calm and totally picturesque. We love that they also rented a car to explore at their leisure – what a great idea! – and the cosy pubs, outdoor theatres and hikes just add to why a UK holiday is actually pretty fantastic!

Photography & Words | Elisa Loechel Photography

“Devon & Cornwall had been on my travel list for quite a while but this year we finally made it. In April my husband and I traveled to London, rented a car and drove for 10 days through Devon and Cornwall.”

“We were pretty lucky with the weather! However on the day we drove through Dartmoor National Park it was rainy and windy. This didn’t bother us much since it fitted the mood of the moor perfectly. Due to the weather, we had to pass on the hikes you could possibly do in that area but nevertheless we stopped several times, wrapped our rain jackets around us and stepped into the harsh wet cold. Especially when there were wild Dartmoor ponies on the street – that still makes my girly heart jump every time.


We hadn’t booked any accommodation in advance except for our time on the Scilly Islands. Most days we just checked the tips on pages like TripAdvisor and tried our luck at those places that had good reviews. We found some great B&B’s that made our vacation even better. One fantastic example is the Millhouse B&B near Tintagel which did not only offer a comfy room at a good price but also served the best food.
ElisaLoechel-Devon&Cornwall1 The highlight of our tour were the Isles of Scilly where we stayed in The Wheelhouse Guesthouse which is run by an incredibly kind couple, Jen & Dan, and is located right at Porthcressa beach. We spent three nights on the islands and although they are tiny, there still is so much to discover. On the island St. Martin’s you can book a seal snorkeling tour which I did – despite of the very cold ocean! The seals were a bit sceptic seeing us big creatures swimming in their territory but were also very curious and came close. Scilly is such an adorable place and the food was so good. Fresh seafood all the way. Also don’t miss Juliet’s Garden on St.Mary’s – delicious food and a spectacular view.

ElisaLoechel-Devon&Cornwall3 Another favourite of ours was the Minack Theatre, an open-air theatre nestling to the cliffs near Land’s End. While overlooking the sea you can enjoy a play or you can just visit the theatre as an attraction itself. We wanted to do the latter but arrived right in time for a children’s play and we were hooked! We sat there for an hour and a half enjoying a one-man-show about a zookeeper and his animals – singing and laughing with the children. We can only imagine how amazing it must be to see a Shakespeare’s play at nighttime. ElisaLoechel-Devon&Cornwall4


As for accommodation we can totally recommend – besides the ones already mentioned – The Somerville in Torquay. A lovely B&B where we enjoyed the Garden Suite and an incredible breakfast. When in that area, of course you have to eat seafood because it’s so fresh and the chiefs know best how to interpret old recipes with new flavours. And you have to try one of my favourite things: scones with clotted cream and jam. We had the best ones at Russels Tearoom at The Alpaca Park . They were freshly baked when we ordered them. And you can spend the rest of your afternoon visiting the cute alpacas. 

ElisaLoechel-Devon&Cornwall4 Although we picked those couple of highlights, our whole vacation was full of wonderful moments that make great memories. We met nice people, saw stunning landscapes, tasted delicious food and enjoyed every bit of it.




ElisaLoechel-Devon&Cornwall6 ElisaLoechel-Devon&Cornwall7 ElisaLoechel-Devon&Cornwall8

Camera | Canon EOS5
Lab | Carmencita Film Lab.

Film Stock | Kodak Portra 400 (pushed 1 stop).

About Elisa
“My name is Elisa and I live in a small village called Dilsberg (which is near Heidelberg) in Germany. My husband and I recently moved into a 200 year old house and since then we have been busy renovating. I love the life in our small village but I also love to get away from it all and travel. We travel whenever we can and have already seen some spectacular places – from the cold Icelandic north to hot and sweaty Bali.

I’m always accompanied by my camera and lately it’s an analogue one – a Canon EOS5. When I’m not taking pictures or traveling, I love to cook (and eat!) and I’m addicted to chocolate, raspberries and Sushi! I enjoy watching TV series and singing to the radio when nobody listens. When I was younger I wrote little stories, today I prefer telling them through my pictures.”

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