Welcome from us all at Feather & Film!

Thanks for stopping by for our launch.

We are a small group of photographers, living in London, England. We love to shoot film & we love to travel when we can. Feather & Film is the result of these two passions.

We want to not just show off all the corners of this beautiful world but also use this space – and our bi-annual magazine – as a platform to exhibit the incredible and talented film photographers out there and show you all the possibilities and places this beautiful world has to offer.

We hope you will use Feather & Film as a tool to inspire and plan your next big trip (or weekend get-a-way!) and we aim to pack it full of beautiful imagery, hotel reviews, hidden places, hiking trails, world cuisine and recipes – pretty much everything to increase your wanderlust!

We will blog about things that matter to the modern day traveller – travelling with family, reduce negative impact in the destinations you visit, promoting sustainable tourism, keeping healthy whilst abroad – the list goes on!

Read more about us & our purpose in the ‘About‘ section above!

 Our purpose is as much about building an inspirational and informative travel blog (we strongly believe travel to be hugely important part of life) as it is about supporting and promoting the film photography community and showcasing their work to the world.

So lets say hello to all you wanderers, travellers, city breakers and weekenders (and everything beyond and in between!)  – thank you so much for joining us on the journey!

Happy travels!

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