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The second you set foot on the cobbled streets of St Malo and the soft salty breeze tickles your nose – you will be enchanted. To be honest it will probably happen way before then, as soon as you set your eyes on this cute historical gem in the Brittany region of France. With it’s heavily fortified walls, surrounded by the sea and nestled right next to a gorgeous marina you would have to try really hard to not to love this place.
I won’t give too much away though and leave it to you to discover it’s beauty whilst you browse through many cute cobbled streets, lined with cute street cafes and restaurants, explore the local museum or gallery and pop your head into a few of the many gorgeous little shops and boutiques. But if you are lucky enough to be in this part of France and have a day or a weekend spare to visit this little gem, here are 6 tips on what to do in St Malo.
1. Walk around the town on the walls/ramparts – this truly is a must as the views are just breathtaking and there is something literally for everyone on this app 45 minute long walk – marina, the open sea, cobbled streets and busy squares – all visible from the walls.

France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0001

2. People watching at Place du Chateaubriand – make sure you find yourself a comfortable seat in one of the many street cafes/restaurants, order Brittany’s cider or Kir Royal and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy square. If you are feeling a little bit peckish be sure to order yourself some ‘moules frites’ (mussels and skinny fries) which is a local specialty. France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0002 France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0003

3. Food experience – St Malo is definitely for the foodies – in addition to the ‘moules frites’, you should treat yourself to a relaxed, candlelit dinner in one of the restaurants. The variety of foods to choose from is literally endless, but you might want to take advantage of the location and sample a selection of the local ‘Fruit de Mere’ – especially the oysters from the nearby village Cancalle which are a local delicacy. France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0004

 4. Exploring – you will love exploring the winding cobbled streets and discovering hidden gems whilst munching on Crepe/Gallet or the fabulous Macaroons. Be sure to pop your head in the majestic and lovely cathedral in the middle of the city. France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0005 France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0006 France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0007 France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0008
5. Night life – don’t miss experiencing the atmosphere of the town during evening, browse through the streets whilst you enjoy a glass of your favourite wine alongside the locals in one of the many bars – they each have a different character and having a look into few of them will not leave you disappointed.

France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0011

6. Beaches & aquarium – if you fancy a little break from the people why not dip your toe in the sea on the local beach or head over to the St Malo Aquarium (approximately 10 minute bus drive from the center) which is definitely worth visiting for its vast array of species (yes including sharks) and many fabulous activities such as submarine experience.

France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0012

France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0009

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