Thank you for thinking about submitting to Feather & Film!

We are in the lucky position that we get e-mails full of beautiful images landing in our inbox frequently. We love it!

If you have a must see destination, spent some time in a perfect hotel or you just adore taking bicycle rides on the most gorgeous journeys – we want to know about it! Lets celebrate these places and the people we meet, the hotels we stay in and all the foods and crafts that make this world just so, so wonderful.

And its not just about travel. We want to promote and celebrate the wonderful film community. Feather & Film is a place where all the images featured are shot on film cameras, where each photographer spends time composing, thinking and connecting with their subject. There is something so special about the process of shooting film – its more than just the beautiful colours (and boy, they are pretty!)

To be featured on Feather & Film please read the following:

1. All images must be shot using film.
2. You must include the type of film, camera as well as any developing and scanning details (we love to shout about the incredible talent of the film labs out there!)
3. Images must be travel related. This can includes (but is not limited to) destination images and journeys, weekend city breaks, hotel reviews, photo recipes and day trip journals.
4. Please send a minimum of 10 images. (We love a story and think we can tell it so much better with 20+ images!)

How to Submit.

Please follow this simple process to submit your images to Feather & Film:

1. Make sure all images are a minimum of 700 pixels along the width.
2. On make a folder and upload all your images and then find the link information (under ‘Get Link’).
3. E-mail the link to us at with ‘Submission’ and the destination name in the header. (eg.’Submission: India’).

And Finally!
Even though Feather & Film is an image focused website we would love to hear your thoughts on the destination. We want our readers to go on a journey! This can be done so much better with a bit of information. Please let us know the following in your e-mail:

1. Where you went, when and for how long.
2. Your favourite aspect, what must you do? Where should you stay? What should you eat/drink? Why this place?
3. If you are sending a hotel review please include the hotel name and website information.
4. Tell us about you! Please include your name, website (plus Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter details) and tell us a little about you

We absolutely accept longer text submission, so if telling a story if your thing please include it!

Thank you! We just can’t wait to see all your beautiful pictures and show them off to the world!