A French Market

Written & Photographed by Léa Jones

These photos were taken at my local market in the town of Yssingeaux. Yssingeaux is in Auvergne, which is right in the center of France. I love the hills, pine trees and stone houses of this area. Of course, being French, one my favorite activities is going to the market. My mom used to take us every week, and we would buy everything from the market: fruit, veggies, cheese, bread and even clothes and shoes. Going to the market is not time efficient, but it is part of the slower pace of life that we enjoy when we spend our summers in France.

I love that I get to meet the local farmers. I noticed this year that there were a lot more young farmers selling organic products like honey and bread. There is always the “Poissonnier” who sells fish, and the ‘Fromager” with a nice selection of delicious (and smelly) cheeses, which I am happy to sample, and then you have local crafts like pottery. This time there were also selling ducks and rabbits and chickens. After 3 hours of strolling, tasting, and buying lovely fresh food, I am delighted to head home with my arms full of peaches, lettuce and courgettes.

If you ever travel to France, always look up the local market, however small the village you are in, chances are there will be a market with the essentials to take you through a week of French living.

French Markets by Lea Jones_0001

French Markets by Lea Jones_0002 French Markets by Lea Jones_0003 French Markets by Lea Jones_0004 French Markets by Lea Jones_0005 French Markets by Lea Jones_0006 French Markets by Lea Jones_0007 French Markets by Lea Jones_0008 French Markets by Lea Jones_0009 French Markets by Lea Jones_0010 French Markets by Lea Jones_0011 French Markets by Lea Jones_0012   French Markets by Lea Jones_0014 French Markets by Lea Jones_0015 French Markets by Lea Jones_0016

Film | Portra 400 & Ektar 100
Camera | 35mm Pentax (MZ-X) and Pentax 645n
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About Léa
My name is Léa.  I am French, and my British husband and our three kids moved to Massachusetts three years ago.  I love to travel and see new places.  I have really enjoyed seeing the US through my french eyes and going back to Europe every summer has been exhilarating.  I love re-visiting places I have known for years and my camera has taught me to see beauty in the most simple things: whether it’s an old house in the North of New-Hampshire, little boats on the Welsh coast or fruit in the market in the South of France.

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Paris on Film

Words & Photography: Maxeen Kim Photography

In January last year I took a trip to Paris. I had been before but in preparation for this trip, I researched a few sights I hadn’t managed to see previously. I also contacted the lovely Nadia Meli, who had shot a wedding in the French capital a few months earlier, for her advice on what to do and see. Nadia’s advice was simple:

“Just discover it and do what feels right!!! Don’t think you HAVE to stand on the Eiffel Tower just because everybody does. Walk a lot! The area around Notre Dame is beautiful. Discover it for yourself and try not to think about the influences of movies and books so much.”

This was honestly the best advice I could have ever been given! So today I decided to share it with you.

Once all my hotel and sightseeing plans were in place, I started to get really excited. Until I realised – to my horror – that my recent camera insurance renewal would not be in effect in time for the trip. I could have cried! However, just when I thought I would be camera-less on holiday (which for me would be like walking around naked or missing an arm) a friend suggested that I take a film camera instead. It was one of those ‘Aaaaaaaah!’ moments!

It was a nerve-wracking experience but I’m so glad I did it. Paris was the perfect place to try out my skills on film and, although the shots were a totally different look to what I had usually shoot, I ended up with the most stunningly romantic set of photo’s that remind me of old or vintage post cards.

This first experiment with film was the start of a love affair that has now totally changed my editing and shooting style. It’s what took me from only shooting digital to shooting a mixture of both, and it was part of my initial decision to completely rebrand my business.

Paris on Film by Maxeen Kim Photography Paris on Film by Maxeen Kim Photography_0003 Paris on Film by Maxeen Kim Photography_0006 Paris on Film by Maxeen Kim Photography_0002 Paris on Film by Maxeen Kim Photography_0007   Paris on Film by Maxeen Kim Photography_0004

Camera | Canon EOS 300
Film | Fuji Superior

About Maxeen
Maxeen Kim is a destination wedding, travel and lifestyle photographer based between Greece and the UK. She likes nothing better than to explore somewhere new and has a passion for ice cream. When she’s not shooting you can generally find her wondering around an art museum or attempting to get a tan.

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St Malo, France | 6 tips on things to do

Photography & Words | Tereza Lee Photography

The second you set foot on the cobbled streets of St Malo and the soft salty breeze tickles your nose – you will be enchanted. To be honest it will probably happen way before then, as soon as you set your eyes on this cute historical gem in the Brittany region of France. With it’s heavily fortified walls, surrounded by the sea and nestled right next to a gorgeous marina you would have to try really hard to not to love this place.
I won’t give too much away though and leave it to you to discover it’s beauty whilst you browse through many cute cobbled streets, lined with cute street cafes and restaurants, explore the local museum or gallery and pop your head into a few of the many gorgeous little shops and boutiques. But if you are lucky enough to be in this part of France and have a day or a weekend spare to visit this little gem, here are 6 tips on what to do in St Malo.
1. Walk around the town on the walls/ramparts – this truly is a must as the views are just breathtaking and there is something literally for everyone on this app 45 minute long walk – marina, the open sea, cobbled streets and busy squares – all visible from the walls.

France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0001

2. People watching at Place du Chateaubriand – make sure you find yourself a comfortable seat in one of the many street cafes/restaurants, order Brittany’s cider or Kir Royal and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busy square. If you are feeling a little bit peckish be sure to order yourself some ‘moules frites’ (mussels and skinny fries) which is a local specialty. France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0002 France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0003

3. Food experience – St Malo is definitely for the foodies – in addition to the ‘moules frites’, you should treat yourself to a relaxed, candlelit dinner in one of the restaurants. The variety of foods to choose from is literally endless, but you might want to take advantage of the location and sample a selection of the local ‘Fruit de Mere’ – especially the oysters from the nearby village Cancalle which are a local delicacy. France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0004

 4. Exploring – you will love exploring the winding cobbled streets and discovering hidden gems whilst munching on Crepe/Gallet or the fabulous Macaroons. Be sure to pop your head in the majestic and lovely cathedral in the middle of the city. France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0005 France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0006 France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0007 France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0008
5. Night life – don’t miss experiencing the atmosphere of the town during evening, browse through the streets whilst you enjoy a glass of your favourite wine alongside the locals in one of the many bars – they each have a different character and having a look into few of them will not leave you disappointed.

France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0011

6. Beaches & aquarium – if you fancy a little break from the people why not dip your toe in the sea on the local beach or head over to the St Malo Aquarium (approximately 10 minute bus drive from the center) which is definitely worth visiting for its vast array of species (yes including sharks) and many fabulous activities such as submarine experience.

France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0012

France, St Malo by Teeza Lee Photography_0009

  Camera | Canon EOS 1v
Lab | UK Film Lab

Film Stock | Kodak Portra 400

About Tereza
“Tereza is a wedding and a life style photographer based in beautiful Jersey, Channel Islands. She adores travelling, exploring and adventures with an extra soft spot for historical, romantic towns and beautiful nature and wilderness. When travelling she loves sampling local food whilst listening to stories from the locals.”

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