Long weekends | Barcelona

Written and Photographed by Fiona Caroline

Long weekend breaks are the perfect, compact, travel escapes from daily life, especially if you have places like Barcelona just a short flight away. Trying to squeeze in a city this impressive is always going to be a challenge when the clocks ticking, but really, four days in Barcelona lets you get under the surface a little – and leaving with an urge to come back. This city is jam packed with sights, beaches, gorgeous shops and architecture. Full of people exploring the streets, or people watching with a coffee outside one of the characterful little cafes.

And the food! Let’s talk about the food. Apart from the unbelievable paella, sweet pastries and fresh fruit ice lollies I absolutely rated this amazing vegetarian restaurant. I have to give a quick mention to all vegetarians heading to Barcelona (and non vegetarians, this place in insanely good!) to check out Sésamo Restaurante. You will NOT be disappointed!

Without a doubt, Barcelona draws you in and then keeps a tight hold of you.

Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0009 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0006 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0001 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0003 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0004 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0002 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0007

A quick interruption to talk equipment (and I don’t mean cameras!)

I was lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful pair of sandals from the incredible gang over at Seven Boot Lane who were keen to know how they fared for the travelling photographer. More then happy to be the photographer to test them out, I donned a pair of their gorgeous sandals for four days of hectic sightseeing, crazy steep climbs to Parc Guell and sunbed hunting on the sandy beaches. And so here is my shout out to them, because, oh boy, there were perfect!

Walking thousands upon thousands of steps, in the heat, while lugging a Pentax 645, rolls and rolls of film, a light meter and a map can definitely tire you out! But at least at the end of the day I wasn’t complaining about my feet – Er, hello comfortable and totally beautiful shoes!

As I’m sure all the ladies who are reading this know a cute pair of shoes are fabulous but a cute AND COMFY pair of shoes is like the unicorn of the shoe world! Well they’ve rocked it over at Seven Boot Lane. And these bad boys are coming with me on every warm weekend I go on now!

Check ’em out over at Seven Boot Lane, total shoe crush.

And now back to the pictures!

Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0008 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0011 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0010 Barcelona Film Photography Travel Fiona Caroline Photography_0005

Film | Fujifilm 400h
Camera | Pentax 645
Lab | Carmencita Film Lab

& thanks to the support of the lovely and talented shoe makers at Seven Boot Lane! Their IG is pretty neat too: @sevenbootlane

Oh, Hello Spain blog interview

Oh Hello, Spain! | An interview

F&F: We are SO, SO happy we got to interview the lovely Kate from fabulous blog: Oh Hello, Spain!

Oh Hello, Spain is an incredible resource for anyone who is considering relocating to Spain, or planning a trip there. It is packed with information about the country: What to do, where to eat, how to get around. It is wonderful! And all written by someone who has experienced it first hand!

Kate is fabulous and we are so happy to share with you all her answers to our questions about her blog, her life in Spain & all the rest!


Firstly, can you tell us a bit about you – where did you grow up? What was it like?
I grew up near Chorley, a small town in the north west of England but moved to Oxford when I was 18 to study and later to work. It was at secondary school that I discovered a love for languages – and soon after that, for travel!

What brought you to Spain originally – and what kept you there?
I’ve actually moved back and forth between Spain and England a few times but my first move there in 2004 was for my year abroad. I studied Spanish at university and spent my thirs year as a language assistant in the tourist-free town of Alcalá de Guadaíra near Seville. Despite its lack of obvious charms, Alcalá gave me a taste of life in ‘la España profunda’ and I was hooked! I’ve now been living and working in Madrid since 2013.

Oh Hello, Spain is a popular blog and resource for those interested in moving Spain. How did it begin? Was it always your intention to blog for others or did your blog begin as a personal project and grew?
I started blogging on a whim in 2010, the first time I lived in Spain. Back then I didn’t think much about the purpose or audience, but it was always intended to be for those interested in Spain rather than just family and friends. I’ve always loved writing so the blog was an extension of that. I’m so pleased to see how it’s grown and hopefully helped and interested readers.

Tell us a bit about Madrid! What do you love about it?
I love the fact that there’s always something to do, somewhere to go – but it’s not huge or overwhelming. There’s relatively little big-city hustle. It’s also a great value place to live or visit compared to some European capitals.

When is the best time to visit Madrid as a tourist?
Autumn or spring – winter can get quite cold (it snows a lot in the mountains outside Madrid!) and summer is unpleasantly hot.

An interview with Oh Hello Spain!

What are your top three places to visit/things to see in Madrid?
Madrid isn’t the greenest city, but the beautiful Retiro Park makes up for this. I’d also visit the roof terrace at the Círculo de Bellas Artes for spectacular city views, plus the La Latina area for some tapas bar-hopping in Madrid’s oldest quarter.

Where are your favourite Spanish destinations when you venture out of Madrid?
As I used to live in Seville it’s one of my favourite places to return to – it’s a stunning city, although sadly more touristy than it was 10 years ago. Valencia has a great mix of old and new architecture, with a beach and great food thown in. Girona is also well worth a visit – the old town is just gorgeous and I love the relaxed atmosphere.

Can you speak fluent Spanish? Is it easy to get by on no/little Spanish?
Yes, I can. As a tourist visiting bigger cities or resorts you should be OK, but learning a few words in Spanish (or Catalan if you’re in Catalunya) will really be appreciated.

What has been a highlight of your life in Spain?
It’s hard to choose just one! I feel lucky to have had the chance to travel around the country and get to know the different regions. I also love the feeling of acceptance and integration that comes after a few years of living and working here.

Any future holidays coming up?
Plenty! This summer I’m off to the Costa Brava and further afield to Croatia.

Anything you miss from home?
Friends and family. Definitely not the weather!

Foodie question! Where and what is the best food you’ve had there?
Difficult to answer! In Madrid, my favourite place to eat is La Pescadería, which does amazing cod fritters. I also loved the pintxos (tapas) at Astelena in San Sebastián earlier this summer.

What has been the biggest challenge?
When you move abroad, it can be difficult to adjust to a different lifestyle and the temptation can be to try and preserve your old routines. If you want to get over your homesickness and really settle in, throw yourself into life in your new country and take every opportunity to meet new people and try new things. My biggest challenge was probably moving back here in 2013 as I was quite settled in England before I left, and really missed people back home at first.

Any words of advice to those looking to move to Spain (ie, where to begin, must do’s before heading over)?
Try and learn as much Spanish as you can before you move. A move entails bureaucracy like getting a national ID number, and you can’t expect to do this in English. If you’re planning to work here, have a clear plan of what you want to do while also being realistic – if you aren’t fluent in Spanish, teaching English may be your best option at first. Go with an open mind and ready to enjoy yourself!

What is next for you & Oh Hello, Spain?
More travelling and more blogging! It’s been a busy year so far, so hopefully I’ll have time to write more in the coming months.

Follow Kate & Oh hello Spain
Blog | www.ohhellospain.blogspot.co.uk
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Intsagram | @ohhellospain
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Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography Feature Image

A photo tour through Gran Canaria

Photography & Words:  Ingeborg from Glitter & Twigs Photography

 “The images are all from Gran Canaria where I was staying for 7 days with my husband and his family. We stayed in a private lodge in Tauro, which is near Puerto Rico and Amadores beach. My husband and I are definitely not the typical beach tourists so we headed for the mountains in a rented vehicle & we did a day trip to Las Palmas. We also did round trips on the Island where we visited Puerto Mogán (the port city), La Aldea de San Nicolás (The city with the closed doors), Artenara (the Restaurant with a view), and Roque Nublo, among other places.

If you are traveling with beach loving people who just want to soak up the sun in Gran Canaria, never worry! There are things to see and do and experience in this dry, little volcano island. Rent a car or scooter (roads are steep and narrow, so you should be an experienced driver) and drive anywhere the road will take you. I especially recommend climbing Roque Nublo. We did it twice, once when the clouds were heavy with rain and we didn’t see anything, just to be AMAZED by the view when we climbed it the next day at sunset and the view was spectacular. If you drive from La Aldea de San Nicolás to Artenara you’ll see some interesting scenery, drive some scary roads and not to mention the cave houses which are a weird constellation of buildings inside the mountain walls/caves. The restaurant below the Jesus statue in Artenara has the most amazing view from it’s cave terrace.”

Glitter and Twigs Photography, Gran Canaria Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0002 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0003 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0004 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0005 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0006 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0007 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0008 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0009 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0010 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0011 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0012 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0013 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0014 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0015 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0016 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0017 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0018 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0019 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0020 Gran Canaria by Glitter & Twigs Photography_0021

Camera | Nikon F4
Lab | Carmencita Film Lab
Film | Kodak Portra 400

About Ingeborg
“I am Ingeborg, I love seeing the little details when travelling, I love scenery, I love authentic, and I love the diversity of food, good coffee, wine and beer. I’m a photographer based in Norway (soon to be Edinburgh). I photograph weddings and portraits digitally, but travel is my passion and film is perfect for travelling. It makes me relax & the result is amazing, and it makes me think about what I really capture, which makes the memories stronger.”
Instagram | @glitterandtwigs