Colourful Costa Rica

Words &Photographs by Erica Brenci

When my husband and I visited Costa Rica for a Destination Wedding for a couple from Los Angeles, we also got to enjoy 10 days of the Pacific Coast. We stayed in Tamarindo and we choose a very nice and cozy Hotel, Villa Macondo a very typical tropical hotel with rooms and apartments inside a tropical garden with a swimming pool.

What you find in Costa Rica is a full immersion into nature, you will be among monkeys and other tropical animals, tropical trees and plants, wild beaches with a wide ocean view. We visited the beaches of Playa Grande, Playa Langosta, from Tamarindo. When we went to Playa Avellana the landscape was breathtaking: the long beach with surfers at sunset was like a painting! The pacific is famous among surfers and is very populated from the young and old surfers from all over the world.

We suggest to relax in tamarindo for a sunset with a cocktail at Nogui’s, a beach front restaurant a coffee bar, and enjoy a piapa fria (a fresh green coconut) at Playa Conchal. We enjoyed tasting so many tropical fruit juices and plates of rice and ceviche.

“Pura vida” are the two words that best represent the local life. Interpretation could be like “pure life”, “take it easy”, “enjoy life”, “all good”, “purity in life”, “hello”, “goodbye”, “this is life!” and many many more. I think it’s the best way to live – enjoying what you have and what you are!!

Camera | Contax 645 + 80mm Lens
Film | Kodak Portra 400
Lab | Carmencita Film Lab

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About Erica
I’m a Destination wedding Photographer based in Italy and traveling all over the world. I love to shoot weddings  and lifestyle in general, I love to travel, to meet new people and new cultures. I love animals and nature in general but what better represent my soul are sunny locations, a good dog, my lovely husband, my family and staying with people – enjoying good times, good food and good wine. I smile always because heaven helps the happy. And if I can, I try to share this spirit when someone is in need of good vibes and a positive soul.

An Adventure in Kauai

Photography & Words: Ashley Vaughn from The White Rabbit Studios

Everyone should experience Kauai. While I’m sure every island of Hawaii is stunning, Kauai is absolutely magical!

We woke up every morning with the sun rise and started the day breathing the fresh air in our ‘Thai Garden House’. There were fruit trees surrounding us and an organic garden right outside our doorway. We found Anthony & Hami’s place on Airbnb. The pictures and descriptions don’t do the property or hosts justice. Not only did they ensure our stay was comfortable, but they invited us to a potluck at their place (complete with a ukulele and guitar player and hula dancing)! Another huge bonus, we were only a ten minute walk from one of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen – Moloaa Bay! 

We spent time exploring beach towns, hiking in jungles, canoeing a river (which turned into a crazy survival “adventure” – story for another day y’all), swimming in waterfall pools, snorkeling with fish (and eels – eep!), feeding chickens (and cats – they are EVERYWHERE! Yay!), sightseeing canyons, traversing coastlines, eating delicious meals and exotic fruits, and soaking in every single inch of scenery!

I brought along an entire backpack of film (35 and 120mm) and a few of my favorite travel cameras. Thank goodness they still make waterproof disposable cameras (they came in handy during our snorkeling and river days). It was wonderful to re-live every moment when my film scans were sent to me!

Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0001 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0002 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0003 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0004 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0005 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0007   Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0006   Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0008 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0009 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0010 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0011 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0012 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0013 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0014 Hawaii, White Rabbit Studios_0015

Camera | Fuji GA 645 & Olympus XA2
Lab | Richard Photo Lab
Film Stock | Kodak Portra 400

About Ashley
My name is Ashley Vaughn and I am a film photographer from North Alabama. Inspired by light and love, I live to capture moments of pure bliss and excited emotions. I enjoy the process of shooting with film and the artistic creativity the emulsions posses.
Influenced by the vision of Wonderland that the beloved Alice introduced my brain at a young age, I’ve been in a constant state of self-fulfilled imagination. The camera allows me to share my own vision with the world, and it’s an honor when one wants me to illustrate their story. My father instilled the knowledge of using a film camera and told me the very simple instructions to “shoot what you love”. It’s become my photography mantra and a way to connect with the world and people around me.
My husband and I also own a record store (we love everything analog and vintage) and we are restoring a 100+ year old house: complete with heart of pine floors, soaring ceilings, huge windows, a claw foot bathtub, a lush veggie garden, and four spoiled cats. I love capturing the big adventures we have together as well as the everyday blinks. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities to nurture my creativity!

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