UK Blog Awards 2016

UK Blog Awards 2016

Well! We can’t quite believe it. It has been just over a week since the UK Blog Awards Ceremony, at the Park Plaza Hotel, near Westminster in London – (a beautiful hotel!) – so this means it has been just over one week since we were awarded winner for the photography category.

We won guys!

Over 2,000 UK Blogs entered, over 79,000 people voted and then, after making it through all of that, 10 finalists per category were judged by a panel of experts. And we won!!

See, we’re still in shock!

And, we absolutely could not have done it without you. Obviously, since it is your stunning travel pictures we get the honour of sharing here! But also you all gave us so, so much support – every single vote and every message of good luck. It means the world to us. So thank you.

We hope this is also recognition at the increase (and hopefully survival!) of film photography – because we bloody love it! We want many more photographers out their to pick up a film camera and give it a go!

And going forwards, we want to share much more of your film work – and much more often! We want to work with you guys on producing informative posts – about cameras, film stock, travel destinations – to help others improve their photography. And we wanna try out, share and learn about different film formats: medium format, 35mm, alternative film process, instant film, disposable. Let’s do it!

This can be something awesome.

We had no idea, when we started nearly one year ago, how hard it is to run a blog (kudos to all you bloggers out there, we TOTALLY get and repect how much work this is!). In this time, (9 months as I write this) we have grownΒ  so much already – we have great followers and incredibly talented photographers who share their work with us, we have an award (we can say we’re an award winning blog!) – and our print magazine, which due to workload was set back – will be produced and available to pre-order shortly (we’re gonna try coincide it with out birthday!)

So thank you for sticking with us, cheering us on and making this blog something incredibly special.

Anyway, enough of the rambling and let us just finish with another, massive thank you.

Keep shooting film & supporting your labs.

Keep exploring!

And as long as you do, we will keep sharing your incredible work.

Thank you everyone!

UK Blog Awards 2016 Photography Winner

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